Tuesday, November 25, 2008

People Love me

ALLISON: I live you
9:24:43 PM

ASHLEY: I cant even imagine how cool you must be
12:14:04 PM

ALEX STEIN: Youre beautiful. I just want you to know. Youre my favorite girl
4:22:24 PM

JASON: That guy conor was over the other day he loves you!
12:25:27 PM

RACHEL LEAF: Why cant my text messages be as funny and witty as yours?
7:29:12 PM

JEFF: Im so glad you're alive
12:22:12 PM

CARRIE: I think you are the funniest person i know
2:00:30 AM

Monday, November 24, 2008

My mom txts

MOM: I 6 will talk 2 shell 2morrow i cant wait 2 c u. Luv u. Mom
10:51:59 PM

MOM: Huh? Can u translate ur message 4 me?
8:15:42 PM

[censored] halloween

ASHLEY: Seeing as how im simply wearing my usual attire im pretty much ready to kill the next person who asks me who im dressed as
10:26:24 AM

ASHLEY: And the next person who wears a mask to an 830 class deserves worse
10:27:06 AM

ASHLEY: I mean hell i have already seen 7 jesus' 3 robots and a courtney love and i still want more
10:32:03 AM

ASHLEY: I was thinking more long the lines of 2 french maids or 2 people in love
10:35:34 AM

ASHLEY: But i decided to be oliver
5:35:07 PM

ASHLEY: Words could not describe but attitude could

ASHLEY: The toilet was weird
5:50:30 PM

ASHLEY: I had the craziest hallucination on the toilet i nearly cried from laughter
9:15:23 PM

ASHLEY: And by cried i mean died
9:15:50 PM

Sunday, November 23, 2008

day 3 in LA


08:39:22 AM
One step towards making it better would be to quit calling it 'doing lunch' you hot shot power lawyer
09:44:00 AM
Not to mention one from some company offering 200,000 dollars to me no questions asked which i'd say is fairly generous of them considering our economic state
06:55:15 PM
If you ever go to la today do i have the trip for you. Could this vacation be any better i don't think so oh except that costa rica will be k
07:02:17 PM
Frankly i gotta say that i'm on board as far as thinking that seeing your life is important goes

the next day, if you can believe it


02:36:15 PM
I just sat on a bench with chloe sevigney
(Thats sevigny to you alex)
02:38:19 PM
I know! It was just me and i sat next to her because i thought she looked hot and would you look at that it was her
9:39:29 PM
Sitting in a car in front of lauren conrad's from the hills house

a day in LA


"Alex Do Not Text" 
6:42:27 AM
Didn't sleep at all last night only last night is frankly still today as far as i'm concerned
01:39:49 PM
I must write you a letter where i describe every single thing about these last 2 hours so  help me god.
01:47:21 PM
One art piece was described by the 'curator of the retail show' aka store manager as 'humorous, and in a way, hilarious'
1:55:26 PM
famous hot dog stand called pink's...there was a line around the block and  our tour bus driver is telling us little facts about it
1:56:02 PM
Bruce willis proposd to demi moore there

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dreaming of Texting

Yeah, I do it, all the time. 
One dream texts:

"Has it started yet?" the night of my 21st birthday, I receive a dream text from my employer, a father figure in my life, wondering if my 21st birthday happenings had begun. 

More to come in the near future. 
I'm sure