Friday, May 1, 2009

it's been years, months,days,hours,seconds

jan 26, 2009:
i cant eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant. . .but nothing compares 2 u

and just after that we climbed those cliffs and i was so happy


i've got it bad. . . For you

i loved those cliffs like crazy, and even though jarthur complained about the dusty road i loved that too.
other things i cared for: sleeping on a hot bus, a windy night with clean sheets, sailing 500 feet above a valley on a sunny day

that was one of my favorite texts ever and yet by habit i immediately deleted it to make way for the second, alas

i did much love your splendid apartment and its spacious qualities, the white bathtub perched across from a magnificent mirror, the precious poodle on a chain.

Jan 27, 2009

Thats hot i really do miss you too come to new york you can wear a bikini at my apartment

no but its not not hot we can turn the heater up!

yeah i wish i was too i really want to see you soon please come wear your bikini its not that warm im drunk in case you couldnt tell

not true i love you you know that im not very drunk

please believe me please come i wasnt drunk before i miss you so much

im really not that drunk i havent even had a full forty i just really do miss you i was looking at your facebook and thinking about it the other day

table of old people signing with eachother i extremely beautiful

gotta admit you're so like up there for me too i mean u rule my skool

remember that scene in the babysitters club where sawn,s like: what are you doin in there? And the little girl goes: shaving! That scene is really formative for me


We're at joann's for dinner and i just walked in on allison googling orange poop

just because i didn't text you doesn't mean i didn't feel it

You don't look like a horse ashley.

I'm about to go drive around for 1 hour in an 11 seater van with a stranger named justin wickins

I'm drunk and i miss u and everything that my life means when it's connected to u...have u ever really even taken in how much you mean to me? Well if not DO IT

accidentally farted kinda bad

Cicero asked me to in to kfc for him. I'm embarrassed to be here

Well I'm on my way to a play so aren't we cultural

Patrick has split his pants in the butt twice this month

I just argued with someone in the middle me class about the word bitch

One minute underwear is a huge part of your life...and then its gone in a flash

Haven't worn underwear in 2 days now, sort of on the fence about my next move in that department...

in a 90s kinda world...I'm glad I got my girls.

April 16, 2009
I have never found another lover sweeter than u sweeter that u girl u were close 2 me jus like me mudda close 2 me jus like me fada

cereal sheets no blankets movies books trinkets the beach boys at clubs ur moped fireworks popsicles new friends free shit gifts self help stayin up late

April 18, 2009

Btw its like only 2 weeks til i'm eligible for a qwerty

We're the friends that just pick up where they left off

April 22, 2009

Let's get into sweet tea this summer

April 23, 2009
Kombucha makes me so goofy!

It gets me drunk

Life rules then you reincarnate

Life rules then you reincarnate

Just needed to make sure u got that one

I figure u did but i like it a lot

Who nude!

At least she nakey

April 24, 2009
Just called the health center askin a question 4 a friend and she clearly thought it was actually 4 me

April 25, 2009
Are u going outback tonight?

Could reall use a lower back massage right about now gotta minute

Outback specialy cocktails enjoy a selection of our refreshing cocktails please see our beverage menu for more choices and prices.

Outback specialty cocktails enjoy a selection of our refreshing cocktails please see our beverage menu for more choices and prices.

This homeboy is tryin to get on me. PRobably explains that convo we had about how he wants to cheat on his gf

We made out once both drunk dancin he always grinds my butt

Share with Allison if u so desire

April 26, 2009
Pretty much regret tryin that acrobatic move last night not gonna lie

I'm wearing a sub zero down coat and flip flops

My eyes are waterin like a river. just the wind.

just watched bird poop fall

Turned in my thesis can't wait to show ur fat ass

April 30, 2009
Man yesterday says to me- you like diamonds? I say yes. He pulls out a diamond ring

Monday, April 13, 2009

locked messages


2:18pm 4/4/08
Hey if you guys have another women's circle, can I come? I'll bring mantras

8:10 4/6/08
I just found the best old txt from u that i never got: i'm spread thin with a sweet tooth.

7:49am 6/7/08
My wart looks unbelievably foul

10:19am 6/7/08
Also you woke me up this morning to apologize for waking me up


7:08am 8/21/08
"She's from India, but I like her!" -Gadis

3:36pm 10/15/08
She said you can move 4 spots at a time and when i said you couldn't she said, "how would u know, i'm teaching you!"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

People Love me

ALLISON: I live you
9:24:43 PM

ASHLEY: I cant even imagine how cool you must be
12:14:04 PM

ALEX STEIN: Youre beautiful. I just want you to know. Youre my favorite girl
4:22:24 PM

JASON: That guy conor was over the other day he loves you!
12:25:27 PM

RACHEL LEAF: Why cant my text messages be as funny and witty as yours?
7:29:12 PM

JEFF: Im so glad you're alive
12:22:12 PM

CARRIE: I think you are the funniest person i know
2:00:30 AM

Monday, November 24, 2008

My mom txts

MOM: I 6 will talk 2 shell 2morrow i cant wait 2 c u. Luv u. Mom
10:51:59 PM

MOM: Huh? Can u translate ur message 4 me?
8:15:42 PM

[censored] halloween

ASHLEY: Seeing as how im simply wearing my usual attire im pretty much ready to kill the next person who asks me who im dressed as
10:26:24 AM

ASHLEY: And the next person who wears a mask to an 830 class deserves worse
10:27:06 AM

ASHLEY: I mean hell i have already seen 7 jesus' 3 robots and a courtney love and i still want more
10:32:03 AM

ASHLEY: I was thinking more long the lines of 2 french maids or 2 people in love
10:35:34 AM

ASHLEY: But i decided to be oliver
5:35:07 PM

ASHLEY: Words could not describe but attitude could

ASHLEY: The toilet was weird
5:50:30 PM

ASHLEY: I had the craziest hallucination on the toilet i nearly cried from laughter
9:15:23 PM

ASHLEY: And by cried i mean died
9:15:50 PM

Sunday, November 23, 2008

day 3 in LA


08:39:22 AM
One step towards making it better would be to quit calling it 'doing lunch' you hot shot power lawyer
09:44:00 AM
Not to mention one from some company offering 200,000 dollars to me no questions asked which i'd say is fairly generous of them considering our economic state
06:55:15 PM
If you ever go to la today do i have the trip for you. Could this vacation be any better i don't think so oh except that costa rica will be k
07:02:17 PM
Frankly i gotta say that i'm on board as far as thinking that seeing your life is important goes

the next day, if you can believe it


02:36:15 PM
I just sat on a bench with chloe sevigney
(Thats sevigny to you alex)
02:38:19 PM
I know! It was just me and i sat next to her because i thought she looked hot and would you look at that it was her
9:39:29 PM
Sitting in a car in front of lauren conrad's from the hills house