Monday, April 13, 2009

locked messages


2:18pm 4/4/08
Hey if you guys have another women's circle, can I come? I'll bring mantras

8:10 4/6/08
I just found the best old txt from u that i never got: i'm spread thin with a sweet tooth.

7:49am 6/7/08
My wart looks unbelievably foul

10:19am 6/7/08
Also you woke me up this morning to apologize for waking me up


7:08am 8/21/08
"She's from India, but I like her!" -Gadis

3:36pm 10/15/08
She said you can move 4 spots at a time and when i said you couldn't she said, "how would u know, i'm teaching you!"

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shiny ashi said...

allison!!! welcome!!!